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Welcome to Epic Disasters!

Epic Disasters is a guild on potc started by Liz Sunhawk and Molly Hexskull.  This is a small guild looking for pirates who enjoy working with others and just having fun.  Most days you can find us cleansing the Caribbean of undead and stopping Jolly Roger's minions from overtaking Tortuga.  We stand against  Lord Cuttler Beckett and do our best to stop his fleet from finding the lost weapons of El Patron.  Most recently the Royal Navy Army has joined in the hunt for the lost weapons and we will not sit around to watch them claim what is rightfully ours. Come join Liz, Molly and the rest of Epic Disasters as we take back the Caribbean!
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epic disasters and RainStorm

bonflo, Jul 24, 10 9:32 PM.
Epic disasters are joining with RainStorm please click on rainStorm under alliancess and visit the site sign up too if you will...Liz sunhawk and molly hexskull would love to see you on RainStorm and in the guild if you would like to switch over to RainStorm from epic disasters or if you would like to join RainStorm we can be found on kokoago server look for Rain and Storm to join RainStorm hope to see you all there.

Pirates of the Carribean Armada of the Damned

Liz Sunhawk, Jun 28, 10 11:26 PM.
Disney is coming out with a new game!  It is called Armada of the Damned and it looks like it is going to be really good.  This game is not coming out until 2011 but we still wanted to let you know about it.  The site is  You can also visit to get a little more information about the game.  We thought it looked like fun and thought you should know about it as well.  :)
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